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We create meaningful and relevant user experience to users

“The next big thing is the one
that makes the last big thing usable.”

Ever use a mobile app or a website that is confusing you?

Have you experience when you are using an app or website, for example, when you are looking to reset your password but there no reset password button or link.

Or some other cases, when they are asking you to fill up a form that contains several questions after you fill up everything and press the submit button. What you see is an ERROR and mention nothing about which field or question is wrong. Do you feel frustrated and annoying?

A good UX and UI design will solve most of the confusing issue in an interface.

Our Process

User experience is not just about good looking design but is about how your users experience your products.
Good user experience also lead to business success

Step 1


You share your goals and business objectives, and we'll give you a strategy to reach them.

Step 2

UX Research and Analysis

We'll research and analyze user behavior through competitors and the latest technology.

Step 3
User flow

UX Flow

Mapping out the user flow and the journey they going through. So we can have a better understanding of the scope and also able to eliminate unnecessary flow.

Step 4


Building out a detailed prototype, so we can test and experience the flow. Improvement can only be made when you able to measure and experience.

Step 5
feedback and improvement

Feedback and Improvement

Gather feedback and doing user testing. Improve all the confusion from the user feedback.

Step 6
design system

Design system

A guideline that your developer will fully understand what to build and follow, it also aligns with the company branding, a good design system will enable it to scale with your business.

Simplify the complexity

We enjoy the process of creating meaningful and relevant experiences to users and is our goal to make sure the users experience that we created is satisfying by the person who uses it.

The Impact of investing in a good UX

By not investing in UI & UX, you're risking your business.
UI & UX able to help you to validate your idea before going to development. Usually, technical development takes a long time to develop and doing changes in the development stage is difficult and it burning a lot of your resources. Think of when it comes to development how many developers and managers are involving and each change will drag the timeline. Time is money. The longer the time it takes to develop the more money and resource it cost.

By validating your design in the beginning, it saves up a lot of uncertain things and possible conflict. You want to solve all the uncertain thing before going to the development stage because it will save you a lot of resources.

"Let make the products that people want to use and
not the product that people forced to use."

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