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Mobile App Design

Designing the digital future of service marketplace

The Problems

Looking back to Kaodim old mobile apps design, the user having difficulty to find their services and has caused the apps don’t do much for the users.

We help to improve the overall experience by design better search, request status, and service request experiences.

kaodim vermaze work

Design Process and System

To collect better feedback in the design, we created details flow and prototype to better collect feedback.
We also created a system which can maintain and scale better in the futures

kaodim process ds
Design System
kaodim process flow
UX Flow
kaodim process prototype
kaodim process Feedback

Request Search Function

List of service categories to give user roughly know what services they could look for.
Search function that displays a list of suggested services and smart keyword to improve the overall search experience

kaodim search request
List of servies
kaodim request suggestions
Services suggestion
kaodim search keywords
Smart keywords
kaodim request error
Search error

Seamless Step by Step Service Request

A step by step questionnaire to make sure user won't miss out any questions

kaodim request request intro
Service overview
kaodim search questions
Service questionaire
kaodim search date questions
Date question
kaodim request summary

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