How to drive traffic to your website

how to drive more traffic to you website

You have a great website but no one knowing yours exist.
You need to start driving traffic to your website!
Here some tips to drive traffic to your website

On Page SEO

What is SEO? In short by doing it right, your website could rank higher in the search engine like google. This makes people to easily search your site when they searching for specified keywords.

One of the most important factors of SEO is keywords targeting, by knowing the keywords that you targeting, you can write an article based on the keywords and attract your user to your website.

Ensure your website has at least 200 words of descriptive on a page. Make sure you include keywords on those descriptive texts so that search engine like google able to crawl and index based on the content.

SEO is a long-term game, usually, the results are not instantly, it needs time to grow.

Social Media

To spread your services or products more efficiently, your brand awareness is important, grow your fan base and branding through social media is one of the must do nowadays. But have you utilized all the social media platform?

Each social media have their own usage, plan wisely which type of content should be posting in the correct social media platform and you get your audience must faster.

Example, you can’t just post a blog article on Instagram, no one going to read it as an audience on Instagram is more focusing on pictures and videos content.

Facebook and LinkedIn will be an appropriate platform to post your blog content.
Instagram and Pinterest are more on inspiration images.

Posting FREE content will help you drive the user to your website and lead them to your sales funnels.

If you think your business only need social media to promote think again or read our article 6 reason why your business needs a website

Facebook Ads

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users on their platform. You could pay Facebook to post your ads on their platform and reach our your audience. Of course, if you blindly purchase an ad in facebook no one is going to click your ads and even if they do most probably is not a good lead.

Some research needed to be done first in order to reach out to your audience more efficiently


Heard before some famous star in Instagram? Where they have a lot of followers if you have a product or a niche product that you specifically want to target especially e-commerce, finding the influencer that has a fan audience based on your niche and reaches them out to promote your products in their channel will boost your traffic and sales.

Google Adwords

To rank your keywords higher instantly, you could invest in Google AdWords buy target for the keywords that you want.

There still a lot of ways to drive traffics to your website but this is mostly the popular one.

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