What is On-page SEO

What is On-page SEO

On-page SEO is one of the technique to optimize your website and drive more relevant traffic in search engines. It refers to all the things on your site from content, user experiences, and source code.

On-page SEO checklist

Page titles

One of the most critical factors is the page title, ensure each of your pages and posts has their unique title and starts it with keywords

Meta Descriptions

Make sure to add a meta description and include relevant keywords.

SEO friendly URL

Ensure your URL is short and easy to understand and include a keyword in your URL

Avoid bad and confuse URL structure:
*The key is to make sure your URL readable and easy to understand

Mobile-friendly Website

Mobile optimized website is a must, most of our client website data show there more mobile users browse their site compare to desktop users but still depend on which industry.

In 2018 mobile usage is increasing rapidly and this year it will still rise. Make sure your website is mobile responsive.

You could check your website is mobile friendly through google mobile-friendly test

They're a few technics to make your website mobile friendly, but here I recommend responsive web design as these technics make your web page look good on all devices and changes its layout based on screen sizes.

Headings (H1 - H6)

H1 tags are headline tag and should contain your keywords. Is best to use one H1 per page unless your content is structured in HTML5 where you utilize the <Head><Content><Sidebar><Footer> and in this way you could insert one H1 in each tag. But recommended one H1 per page to be safe, as you don't want to confuse the search engine.

Image optimization

Your website images also take an essential role in the search engine. By doing it right, it could appear in the google images, and it drives people to visit your website.

Make sure you insert relevant text in your image alt, to be more specific in the code <img src="image URL" alt="what is on-page SEO">

Quality content

Search engine loves quality content. After all, content is the king. Don't just aim for keywords but also make sure your content benefits your reader and add value to them.

Back then when the search engine is not as strict as today, people tend to write an empty value article with all the keywords listed down.

As today search engine is trying to filter out all the lousy article and also fake news each day the search engine is getting smarter and smarter. So don't try to fake the search engines but write valuable content where it benefits your readers.

Internal Linking

A great way of improving your overall website value is by placing relevant links to your other website page. It makes the user more comfortable to navigate around your website and able to find all out more content on your site.

See all the text it links to somewhere in the web page

sample on-page seo wikipedia internal linking

Page Speed

Website page speed is very important not just for ranking signal but also your entire user experience you don't want your user to wait 10 seconds just for a page to be fully loaded. It will bounce off your user to revisit your website.